The Blood Threads – New Tattoo by Mike!

This client is a friend of my web guy, but liked our work so much, she came in after seeing this new site we did last year. She brought a very awesome and beautiful work for me to do, but after consultation, it was not going to work too well, and would not translate well to skin. I suggested something in one of her other character sketches, a character with red threads tied to her wrists. This design was extremely important to her and resonated through her artwork. I was skeptical about doing the threads as they are very thin. Yet by the end of my work with her, it has easily become one of my most favorite pieces and I am proud of the job I did on making them look extremely realistic. Again normally I stress preparation on most of my work, but in this case I completed this design while she was on the chair. It was guided by inspiration and her excitement as a client. I truly hope she comes back again for more work and I hope she further talks about it on our Facebook Page.

You can find more about her here:

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