Twin Dragon Eye Tattoos


There’s not much to say about Twin Dragon Eye Tattoos, other than it’s Bad Ass. In the case of these tattoos, there were two parts – the scales and the eyes. The scales had to look like lizard skin and contain a hint of the eye color underneath. The eyes had to be the part that stands out. Traditional dragon eyes borrow from their real world lizard contemporary, but I needed to make sure the eyes were glassy. To create the stencil, I purposely left out the lizard detail but made sure the eyes contained the line work for the eyes. Most of the skin was done during the inking process due to the variations that lizard skin would have. So, I bet you are asking what the significance of this tattoo is to the client? He got these two dragon eyes for his children, but wanted their names and birthdays almost hidden in the tattoo. His daughter’s favorite color was blue and his son’s favorite were the warm colors; mostly amber and orange. So, what do you all think? Let me know on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter.

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