The Spider-Man Tattoo – Mike Schwab


I find it difficult to meet or know anyone who doesn’t know Spider-Man. First appearing in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962), Spider-man has become the preferential hero to most adolescent teens. I mean, there have been six movies so far and this cartoon that many of us remember. The difficulty of rendering a comics persona is ‘getting it right’. This is a well-known public property and so it must be accurate, lest the client deal with an insulted fan. A lot of research is needed to find the proper subject and the right era/costume of the comics hero or villain. I took a lot of time tracking down many types of spider from the classical style that the client requested. For some of you not in the know, there are quite a few different eras and looks which you can learn about here. So it is really awesome when the client says to make it the classic spider-man, just to save on research. Once several poses are found, the client chooses what he wants, with my recommendations, and I create the template. That is the most difficult part. I realize I have to fit the design around the arm. The stencil and small adjustments help make that less of an issue. Remember what I have always said – “Preparation is the most important part of the process.” So take a look at the Spider-Man Tattoo!

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