Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Mike Schwab


This Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo was requested by a client who wanted to capture the beauty of the flower. Floral patterns are one of the most popular tattoos. Every artist has done a couple and, as always, these types of tattoos require a good deal of research and prep work. Research into flowers is important to do with the client. Everyone always maintains this preconceived notion of the perfect flower they have in mind. Having many examples to choose from helps narrow down ideas that they have not thought of. I also customize the piece for them, so the next part is to have an example to show them. Normally, because I have asked them a ton of questions, the piece is what they want. Color is important to flowers, so time in the seat means really committing the color of the flower to memory. I spend time looking at how things interact. I need to reproduce the right colors and color progression when inking. I think this is a beautiful piece and I must compliment the client for choosing it.

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