Little Butterlies Tattoo – Mike Schwab


Challenges are welcome to an artist in the tattooing business. All tattoo artists like to keep sharp and push the industry to its limit. This little butterflies tattoo had a challenge in rendering several sizes of butterfly in several different stages of motion. I am no stranger to tattooing butterflies (Butterfly Taking Flight and Butterflies Tattoo) but in each of the butterfly tattoos, there is an element of challenge that I love. The Lion’s Den specializes in custom work. So the client brought her vision of what her optimal tattoo looked like in her head. I sketched out a few designs and she liked several butterflies of various sizes. In the case of this piece, the detail and challenge was in creating a small enough stencil to allow smooth work during the inking process. I like to keep lines spaces to allow for the skin to show through and add to the tattoo. With the stencil completed, all I required was my steady hands and careful technique to finish the piece. A fun piece to do and it looked great on her!

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