Grandmother’s Handwriting Tattoo


This type of tattoo is one of my favorites, the Memory Piece. The memory piece is a tattoo that brings about strong memories of a person, place, pet, or feeling. It’s as much for the person to remember as it is a conversation piece. When one sees a really unique and artistic tattoo, they might ask the meaning behind it. With a memory piece, the added effect is that the person will remember the meaning and feelings behind the tattoo. The symbolic idea behind it is one can have that memory placed upon their skin forever. I truly believe that tattoos, as an art form, benefit from this ideal the most. Take this article – Healing through therapy — and tattoos. While generally describing some ways healing can be found through tattoos, the idea is that ink can kick start the coping and healing process when dealing with any sort of emotional trauma. I would not be honest if I did not admit some sense of pride when doing a piece for a client who is creating something more for themselves than body art. We tattoo artists like to believe that our work can transcend to better purposes. Bt what is the background to this memory piece? The words and script are the very handwriting of the client’s grandmother. What do you all think? Let me know on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter.

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