A Pink Rose Tattoo


This Pink Rose Tattoo is a great example of complexity lying in simplicity. Flowers are some of the best compositions for art, and especially tattoos. More than just line work, the use of distinctive colors and hues within even a petal combine to give the whole flower its powerful display. I like doing flowers because everything has its place and necessity going into the final product. The discovery phase in finding the perfect flower according to the customers needs is just as important as the hour or two sitting in the chair inking in the color. As I have often said before, the process is more important than the actual time with the needle. This flower is a good example of that philosophy. While it looks like one color, it is essentially more than a dozen shades of pink and red. The pigments are designed to make use of the natural color of the skin. The green color of the stem and leaves is designed to be enhanced to counterbalance the red in the petals. The line work is subdued and done early during the drawing phase for the stencil. This allowed me to pll back on the dark lines and let the color push through. To many these types of tattoos seem basic or ordinary, but that is wrong. Take a close look at tattoos like these and you will see more artistry than you might think.

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